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Digital Communication provide you a Video Hosting for storing and sharing video content online.

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Online video hosting refers to uploading and storing video content online so that it can be easily shared across the Internet. With professional online hosting, brands can distribute videos to their audiences by sending a link to viewers or embedding the video player on their websites and social platforms.
While there are free video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo available, many broadcasters want full control over their video content. Public video hosting platforms like these have few branding and advertising options, limited customer support, and varying levels of security.
Who Needs Private Video Hosting?
Private video hosting is the best option for broadcasters with advanced video streaming needs. This includes businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, and more.
Private video hosting is also a must for OTT broadcasters that are looking to build out a streaming service, like ESPN+ or Netflix.
Using private hosting is essential for broadcasters that want to own all rights to their content. It is also important for broadcasters that want more control of the entire streaming experience.