DCC (Digital Communication Company)

About Us

DCC was founded in 2011 with the main goal of ISP connect with great local businesses. DCC is best known for IP and L2 services in-depth insights on local businesses of every sort.

Our Message

DCC has a set of basic values ​​and behaviors that define the culture of dealing with the customer by focusing on helping customers deal with the difficulties of modern business by supporting the customer and assisting him in achieving his expected strategies in the technical field.

Our vision

DCC seeks to be the forerunner in the field of information technology by providing the best technical solutions to meet the needs and aspirations of the customer .

Digital Services

DCC have an integrated team of highly qualified employees with deep and extensive experience in the field of information and communication technology services, with them our company grows and provides the best services.

Internet Services


Our connectivity to most popular Local Tier2 and International Tier1 providers, give us pure and best service with Multi Route Path to provide customer’s best performance, stability, and availability, with minimum Hope/latency

Data Linking

Wherever you are, we can reach and connect your facilities with each other, Run any service you want with maximum performance (Regional’s Coverage)


Help broadcaster to push Multi-bitrate Streaming, with various formats like SD, HD, and Full HD, your content is delivered with high priority and minimum time

Digital Clients

Web Solutions

Website Hosting

We Provide many web hosting services with the highest technologies and the best prices.

We offer a group of shared site hosting plans as well as a group of the best private servers with various packages. Server management plans

Responsive Design

we take Your Website To The Next Level by making your site compatible with mobile, tablet and computer screens so you make your Website accessible for everyone.

It helps you to grow your business.


is content management system which has many advantages and makes your daily work with your online platforms easier.

You can manage your site at any time and without programming knowledge.

Business Automation

By using CRM / ERP you can automate your business that will reduces or eliminates the time, effort and cost it takes to complete manual tasks successfully. It also eliminates errors, streamlines processes for better use of materials, reduces waste and ensures your company's best practices are always in effect.

Web Projects